Target Store Hosted A Slumber Party For Stranded Shoppers!
Ikea store RB01 New store to open in Vaughan The manager is Fares Assaf in yellow shirt in the kids furniture department tests a PS3 for kids also Assaf in a new area in the store called Plush Shop which is a area in each household section that features accessories for that area . with lamps .also Suzanne Chevalier camping outside to be first in the store when it opens (Photo by Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Target Store Hosted A Slumber Party For Stranded Shoppers!

A Target store in Buffalo ended up holding a slumber party for stranded shoppers and motorists. On Christmas Eve, seven workers at the Cheektowaga location opened up the closed store  to 24 people stranded during last week’s historic blizzard. Workers handed out blankets, portable heaters, and hot chocolate from Starbucks – they even set up a TV to watch the Bills game. The stranded motorists ended up staying at the store for two days before conditions were finally safe for travel.

What store would be the most fun to spend the night at?  

Do you think these Target workers were familiar with the 1991 movie Career Opportunities?


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