The 10 Most Common Fibs We Tell!

Most of us have let one slip from time to time, but how often do you find yourself telling a fib?

A survey done says the average person tells a fib about 48 times per year, which to me, seems a little low.  But, what is it we fib about?

I’ve done some digging and here’s what I’ve found!  Here are the most common fibs told.


1.  That everything is fine.

2.  That you liked a gift you didn’t really like.

3.  That you’re too busy to do something.

4.  That you were late because you were stuck in traffic.

5.  Saying you’re on your way when you haven’t left yet.

6.  Lying about why you were late to work.

7.  When you’re drunk, adamantly telling everyone you’re NOT drunk.

8.  Saying you already cleaned the house, even though you haven’t.  Like if your husband or wife says they’re on their way home, and you haven’t even started yet.

9.  Lying about your age.

10.  Lying about how many people you’ve slept with.  30% of people in the survey said they think they’re a good liar.


30% of the people in the survey say they think they are a good fibber!


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