The 2018 Grammy Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

The 2018 Grammy Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

The inductees into the 2018 Grammy Hall of Fame have been announced.  This years honorees include both songs and albums that are at least 25 years old.  To qualify, nominees must have contributed music that was inspiring and iconic.  Twenty Five recordings are being added, bringing the hall’s display total to 1,063.  Here are a few of this year’s inductees.

Aerosmith–Dream On


Whitney Houston—I Will Always Love You



David Bowie—Space Oddity



Rolling Stones—Paint it Black



A few Albums going into the Grammy Hall of Fame include

Queen’s—A Night at The Opera

Linda Ronstadts’s—Heart Like a Wheel

Johnny Cash—Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Jimi Hendrix—Band of Gypsy’s


For a complete list of Inductees visit The Grammy’s Website

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