The 2021 Tiguan – Shopping In Your Underwear!

From Street Volkswagen – It’s the 2021 CPO Tiguan!

When we say “CPO” we’re talking about a very involved step-by-step process that all pre-owned vehicles must pass before Street Volkswagen is willing to put that sticker on ’em. “Certified Pre-Owned” is the CPO that we’re talking about.  So you can be sure that everything from the rear-view camera to the wiper blades is tip-top and perfect.  Personally?  I love driving these CPO Volkswagens!  And I want you to know how much it means to me that the employees at Street have been over these cars with a fine-toothed comb.

I’m currently driving this white 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan.  Because it’s about a year old, you can get this Tiguan for about the price of your daily cup of coffee. Yep, your monthly payments could be under $300. Whether you’re buying a second family car, or sending one of the kiddos back to school in the spring, you can rest assured you’re getting a vehicle with top safety features. It’s been awarded Car & Driver’s “Editor’s Choice“.  And it’ll spoil you!  The LED on the rear-view mirror turns solid yellow when you shouldn’t change lanes.  Plus, the ever-present front-view warning system will cause you to “pucker” a bit, but it oculd save your life…and protect your precious cargo!  It’s worth every penny you spend for protection.

So!  When you see me at the grocery store or at the movies, at Pak-A-Sak or the radio station, wave me down and I’ll be honored to show you around this sweet CPO Volkswagen Tiguan!  You’ll fall in love.  I know I did!