The Average Person Tosses Out About $63 Of Food Each Week

How much food do you think you throw away each week?  According to SWNSDigital, The average person throws out $63 dollars worth of food each week.  That’s a Whopping $3000 a year!  The top foods that we march to the trash can the most include Lettuce, Bananas,  and Milk.

When prices started rising, I found myself cringing every time I tossed food in the garbage.  I’d really never stopped and though,  about how much food I threw away, and it shocked me!  That’s why at the first of the year, I resolved to cut back on the amount of food I toss.

One thing I’ve done to accomplish this is make that shopping list!  I can’t stress how important it is to really think about upcoming meals, and plan for that and that alone!  It has been a bit of a feat to retrain myself not to grab foods that I think sound “good at the time.”  I honestly didn’t realize how much I bought on the spur of the moment.   I also have found myself downsizing to smaller sizes as well.   Milk was my HUGE offender.  I threw out more milk because I bought sizes that were too big.   Just a few small changes have really paid off.  All in all I think my food waste has been cut back dramatically.

What food do you think you toss the most? Does the thought of wasting that much money make you think about changing your purchasing habits?


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