Women are still stuck doing most of the work around the house.  I mean, over the past few decades, men have upgraded their effort from “literally doing nothing” to “pitching in,” but they’ve still got a LONG way to go.

A new survey found what the average woman does around the house every week.  Check it out . . .

Do you secretly like vacuuming?

1.  She cleans the house three times a week.

2.  She cooks up to an hour a day . . . but secretly hates it.

3.  She secretly LIKES vacuuming.

4.  She spends five hours a week doing laundry.

5.  She changes the sheets at least once every two weeks.

6.  She only really scrubs the toilets before people are coming over.

7.  She hates letting the dog on the bed, but is okay with him being on the couch.

8.  And finally, she doesn’t fully trust her husband to do anything.

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