Tom Talks Baseball #30: NLDS and ALDS!

IT’S PLAYOFF TIME!  The final eight teams are set, and before the Divisional Round got underway Thursday, we sat down to preview each of the four pairings.

Lance Lahnert, host of The Sports Drive on KGNC 710 AM and 97.5 FM joins us again this week to offer up his thoughts.

We give a quick recap of the two wild card games, as the Rockies and Yankees moved on.  “Quick Hitters” focuses on managerial firings, just how bad Chris Davis is, and Amarillo Professional Baseball (Padres!).

As we break down each Divisional match up, we offer up thoughts on who we think will win, how they will win, and more.  A few winners in the BIG RANGER SWAG GIVEAWAY, and “Tom’s Tom 5” focuses on my playoff power rankings.

Hope you enjoyed the Facebook LIVE look-in yesterday!  Thanks to those who took time to check it out and and leave some comments.  In the future, I’ll try to do a better job of being more involved with the comments.  Think we’ll try to do this more often.

Also thanks to those who participated in the Facebook polls on the Tom Talks Baseball Podcast Facebook Page.  Love hearing from you guys.  Here are the results….

Who will win each series?

Rockies (59%)   Brewers (41%)

Braves (50%)     Dodgers (50%)

Astros (78%)      Indians (22%)

Red Sox (89%)   Yankees (11%)

Enjoy some great baseball this week and will talk to you guys again throughout the week as we figure out the Championship Series Round.



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