Tom Talks Baseball #31: NLCS/ALCS/MPEV Lance Lahnert/Beth Duke

Four teams remain….but who will be left standing when all is said and done?

Another fun episode of the TTB this week as we break down Dodgers/Brewers and Astros/Indians!  Lance Lahnert, host of The Sports Drive, joins us again to give us his thoughts on what he saw in the Divisional Round, plus what he sees going forward.  Will the Brewers bullpen be too much for LA?  Can Kershaw build off of his NLDS performance against Atlanta?  Can Boston’s offense figure out that studly starting staff or Houston, and does starting David Price in Game two make sense?  We try to answer all of these questions and more.

Quick Hitters touches a bit on the Texas Rangers’ managerial search, as a few candidates have emerged.  Plus Brian Cash’s extension, and Kris Bryant contract rumors.

And we have more reasons to get excited about Amarillo Professional Baseball!  Beth Duke, Executive Director for Center City of Amarillo, joins us to talk about her recent tour of the MPEV.  She tells us a few things she learned about the new stadium, that will house the San Diego Padres AA team in 2019!  The home opener is officially less than a half year away!

Thanks for listening this week, and as always, let us know what you’re thinking!  Comments, kind words, not so kind words, hit us up on the Tom Talks Baseball Podcast Facebook page!  If it’s baseball related, we’ll try to talk about it!

And for those who are already on the page, thanks for participating in our two poll questions this week!  Here are the results.

Who will win the NLCS?      Los Angeles Dodgers (64%)    Milwaukee Brewers (36%)

Who will win the ALCD?      Houston Astros (64%)             Boston Red Sox (36%)




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