Total Lunar Eclipse coming Nov. 7th and 8th!

Lunar Eclipse visible Nov. 7th and 8th!

Well, get ready Sky Gazers!  We’re in for a “Blood Moon” coming up November 7th and 8th here in North America!  Y’all know what our Texas Panhandle sky has been like after sunset the last few weeks, so be prepared for some cloud cover.  But, if all goes well, we could be in for some great moon-watching!

Look for the peak of this Lunar Eclipse to occur after midnight, in the early-morning hours of Tuesday, Nov. 8th.  You’ll need to be a serious Night Owl to catch this:  The dazzling part of the show will take place around 3:10 AM, CST.  Total eclipse will begin around 4:15 AM and last until 5:45 AM.  Our ol’ Lunar Buddy will leave the ‘umbral shadow’ completely by 6:50 AM.  Best viewing should be in the Western United States, so…we have a pretty good shot at seeing this if the clouds cooperate!

Watch for Doppler Dave and the KFDA Meteorologists to give us a better rundown before this exciting event.  It’s the final Lunar Eclipse of 2022!  I’ll be the guy out at Wildcat Bluff, listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and laying on top of my car.  See y’all there!


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