TTB Show 23: Trades and Beth Duke

The non-waiver trade deadline arrived on Tuesday at 3pm, and it didn’t disappoint!  All the way up last minute, it was just a solid hour or two of rumors and deals being done.  The Dodgers and Brewers added more offense, the Yankees added more arms, and the Pirates did what???

In this week’s episode, David Lovejoy and I review some of the trades, and discuss whether or not they change the way things look going forward.

So will it be Sod Poodles? Beth Duke lets us know when we might find out.

After all the trade talk, we shift gears to Amarillo Baseball!  Beth Duke, Executive Director for Center City joins the podcast again.  We talk about the progress of the MPEV and remind people what money is being used to pay for it.  PLUS, we learn roughly when we will find out the team’s name (and it isn’t just “fall”)

We reveal who the player and winner is in the Guess That Stance contest, and Tom’s Top 5 focuses on the top five prospects, according to the MLB Pipeline, who are in organizations that have Texas League teams.

So it’s a little bit of MLB, and a little bit of Amarillo this week!  To see the time lapse video of the MPEV that Beth Duke was talking about, click here.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast, and thanks for listening!



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