Is it too soon to be talking Halloween and scary movies?  Not for me!  After doing some homework on the subject, I not only found some great movies to watch this month, BUT, to find out watching one can actually burn calories?  Let me at ’em!

According to researchers at the University of Westminster, watching horror movies burns calories.  That’s because getting scared causes your heart rate to increase.

You burn a third more calories than normal when you watch something scary . . . which is the equivalent of a candy bar.  Here are the 10 movies that burn the MOST calories:


#1.)  “The Shining”:  184 calories.


#2.)  “Jaws”:  161 calories.


#3.)  “The Exorcist”:  158 calories.


#4.)  “Alien”:  152 calories.


#5.)  “Saw”:  133 calories.


#6.)  “A Nightmare on Elm Street”:  118 calories.


#7.)  “Paranormal Activity”:  111 calories.


#8.)  “The Blair Witch Project”:  107 calories.


#9.)  “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”:  105 calories.


#10.)  “[Rec]”:  It’s a Spanish horror movie.  101 calories.

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