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Watermelon With Mustard? Yes, Please!

Photo Taken In Bangkok, Thailand

So, these days it seems like various Social Media Influencers are posting random food combination hacks just to get attention.  That’s what I thought the first time I saw a slice of watermelon – slathered in MUSTARD.  But, my friends…I was so very wrong!  Try it for yourself.  And be advised:  I’m talking about plain ol’ French’s yellow mustard.  None of the fancy Dijon-style.  Just regular hot-dog mustard.  Something about the sweetness of the melon brings out the vinegar in the familiar yellow condiment.  And it becomes a match made in strange-snack heaven!  Try it for yourself.  It’s like salted caramel.  You don’t THINK it’ll work, but it does.   Maybe I’ll run over to United and grab some watermelon slices, and Morgan and I can give it a try.  We’ll be your Guinea pigs.

No matter what, I think this is gonna be an awesome summer!  Here we go!


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