What Did You Want To Be As A Child? Are You Living Your Dream?

What Did You Want To Be As A Child? Are You Living Your Dream?

I’ll never forget one day I was in my room playing with my record player.  My mom stopped at the door and did a little spying, just in time to hear me announce the “latest from the Partridge family,” over the start of the song.   “Honey, what are you doing,” she asked.   I remember smiling and proudly declaring…”I’m a disc jockey Momma.”

Now, during this time, the only other woman I knew of on the radio was  Ruby Lewis, “Lady Cool Breeze.”  Female voices on the radio were almost unheard off.  So, I had rather high aspirations.  In the course of life, I’d forgotten those childhood dreams until I walked passed the radio station at WT when I was in college.  Low and behold, the next thing I knew I was signing up for the Radio 101 course.  The next as we say….yeah, yeah, yeah.

A Blogger named Eric Alper recently got people to recall their “Childhood Dream Jobs.”   My question for you is…What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up??  Are You Living Your Dream.   Share with us, we’d LOVE to know.


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