What Will Happen To All The Movies Due To Be Released?

Many Great Movies Were Due In TheatersSo What Happens Now?

My family loves to go to the movies.  For the last 20 years or more, we all meet for lunch after church, then we all head out to see a movie.  It’s a weekly family tradition.  But the last movie we all went to see was “Invisible Man”.  It’s been awhile.

When we go to a move, we all tend to lean over and whisper during the previews.  “Oh that looks great! Gotta see that one!” Or…other times, something less enthusiastic.  I remember we were looking forward to several Coming Attractions.  So what’s going to happen to those movies?  Will we ever get to see them?

The answer is, for the most part, yes we will.  Some of the Spring/Summer 2020 releases will be delivered via streaming platforms like Fandango and Amazon.  However, the studios are charging $20 to rent them!  Seems kind of counter productive and a bit pricey for a home viewing. Hollywood wants us to see these movies, but the price them out o reach for single people or couples. I mean, we ARE wathcing these at home. Without the big screen and the massive sound.  But that’s just my opinion.

Other movies with bigger budgets and higher anticipated box office returns will be pushed back toward fall.  For example, the new Disney Pixar  release, “Soul,” has been pushed back to November from its original release date of June 19th. Sony’s “Wonder Woman: 1984”  has been moved from June 5th to August 14th.  So far.

My family has taken to visiting by phone on Sundays and talking about the movies we’ve streamed during the week.  We recommend things to one another and suggest movies that are showing on the various streaming platforms.  I can’t wait to catch a whiff of overcooked popcorn and feel the sticky spilled-soda flooring under my feet!  I’m a Movie Guy.  What can I say?  But even more important, we’re a Movie Family.

So please!  Keep practicing your Social Distancing and Sheltering At Home.  Wash your hands and keep the antibacterial gel close.  We want this to be over as soon as possible so we can go back to our lives.  Turns out, they were even better than we imagined.


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