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What’s That Awful SMELL? Oh, It’s A Flower!

This very large flower bloomed in January 2018 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. However the flower is not indigenous to Australia, actually being native to Sumatra island in Indonesia. The bloom attracts people not only because of its large size but also because it really stinks. The unpleasant odor resembles a rotting flesh and is known as the corpse flower. Its scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum, also known as titan arum. The flower stalk can reach over 3 metres in height. These days the plant is seen around the world, particularly in public gardens in tropical cities.

Giant ‘Corpse’ Flower Draws Crowds To Southern California Garden

Huge crowds of people are flocking to a botanical garden in Southern California, all because of a smelly flower! Nicknamed the “corpse plant” the malodorous bloom has been attracting and repelling crowds for decades. As you may have already guessed – the plant has earned that nickname because it indeed smells like a dead body. The bloom of the Amorphophallus titanum plant started Sunday afternoon at the San Diego Gardens. By Monday, 5,000 tickets to see it were sold out. The bloom of the “corpse plant” lasts just 48 hours and during its peak, it emits a putrid odor described as rotting flesh to attract beetles and flies to help in the pollution process.

Would you actually pay money to go see a “corpse” flower?

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