Where’s My HBO Max?

So.  You make the popcorn, grab the remote and settle in for a night of chillaxing with some tube.  Maybe you (like me) decide to try out the new streaming platform, HBO Max.  But…where is it?  It’s nowhere to be found on our local cable lineup. Can’t seem to access it on Fire TV or Roku.  What’s the deal?

Some of you may remember when channels like MTV, Comedy Central, or VH-1 would disappear for weeks at a time due to some last-minute Cash Grab by Viacom, Time-Warner, or Comcast.  And this situation with HBO Max is EXACTLY like that.  For the time being, Roku and Amazon (which holds the keys to your Fire TV) are deadlocked in negotiations with WarnerMedia (which holds the keys to HBO, etc.).

HBO Max was, indeed, officially launched back in May of this year.  But we haven’t seen it in my house.  And now, here comes “Peacock”, which is supposed to be a new NBC-based streaming platform.  But don’t hold your breath.  Peacock is in the same boat as HBO Max.  No deal.  No dice. No diggity.

Apparently, the standoff is all about the fact that HBO Max and Peacock want to show positive, uplifiting programming and Roku and Fire TV want to offer even MORE positive, feel-good shows!

Not really.  It’s all about MONEY.  Because…of COURSE it is.  At my house, we keep getting a message, saying “HBO Go will no longer be offered on this platform after July 31st, 2020” message.  So let’s hope the big guys get this all worked out between now and then!  I’ll keep y’all posted.

Until then, happy viewing!


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