Why Does Canada Get All The Cool Potato Chip Flavors

When I was in Canada some years back…something quickly caught my eye.  All of the different and “Unique,” potato chip flavors that they sell in Canada.    While they Carry Lays and Ruffles and other national brands we enjoy here in the states…their flavor variety is quite different.  One Canadian Brand quickly caught my eye because of all the flavors.  “Old Dutch.”   The unusual flavor that I wrestled with trying was the Ketchup flavor chips.  I had to confess when I tried them…I soon wished I’d bought more.   In fact Ketchup Chips are a Canadian Favorite!

Now…KFC and Ruffles have teamed up for a new flavor chip that will be available only in Canada.   Canadians will soon enjoy a Kentucky Fried Chicken Flavored Chip.  The Chips will taste like the original chicken recipe flavor. Plus each purchase will have a limited time coupon for 20% off an order of KFC in stores.   Would You try these unusual chips if we had them in the states??

What is the Best most unusual food you’ve had when traveling outside of the US?


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