Why ‘In The Air Tonight’ Is Back On The Charts

It’s been nearly 40 years since we all heard the amazing drum break in the song “In The Air Tonight” for the first time.  Phil Collins.  Wow.

My jaw hit the floor, and I’ll bet yours did too.  It’s such an iconic moment in the history of music!  It’s one of those unmistakable riffs that we never confuse with anything else.

In the 2009 movie “The Hangover,” the Bachelor Party Guys share the percussive moment with Mike Tyson, who air-drummed the iconic Phil Collins drum break as the guys watched in awe.  And now? A new generation has discovered just how cool it is.

A pair of twins, 22-year old Tim and Fred Williams, filmed themselves listening to “In The Air tonight” and their reaction is priceless!  Click  -here-  to check it out.  These kids have a few dozen similar videos, where we watch them experiencing a song that Eagle listeners probably hear frequently, and may take for granted.  I love this!

Tik Tok has re-introduced songs like “Break My Stride” and “YMCA” to the Gen Z kids.  And I think sitting down with someone from a different age group and sharing music can help us break down useless walls, and bring us closer together.  And watching Tim and Fred enjoying “In The Air Tonight” is pure joy!  At the 4:55 minute mark, when Phil hits the drum solo and the kids really start groovin’, it’s a thing of beauty.  Again, PURE JOY.

And, apparently, the video has gone viral. Over 5-million views on YouTube! Which, in turn, has propelled “In The Air Tonight” back onto the charts!  It came our in 1981, and it came out again in 2020.  Tim and Fred Williams, I thank you. And Phil Collins thanks you!  And guys?  Wait till you hear “We Will Rock You”!

I’m all in favor of young people loving the music I love!  Maybe some of the division in our culture can be eliminated by sharing our favorite music with one another.  I gotta say, I’m loving Weekend and Post Malone, as well as Ella Mai and Lizzo!  Maybe I should make a video of the first time I heard “Blinding Lights”.  Ya think?  By the way, if you grew up in the 70s and 80s, like I did, and you think you have nothing in common with your 25-yr old daughter or nephew, check out this clip of The Weekend on SNL recently.  I’ll say it again:  Pure Joy.

Oh well. Like young Fred says at 2:00 mark in the clip, “Play dat thang…”


P.S. – Speaking of Queen, here are the twins hearing “Fat Bottom Girls” for the first time.  You gotta love it!

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