Woman Makes 40K A Year Being A Professional Cuddler

A woman named Robin Marie, makes 40k a year being a professional cuddler. What??? What is a professional cuddler? Well, it’s like it sounds, it’s a lot of snuggling, hugging, and spooning, and you get paid for it. At least $80 an hour!

Robin spends around 45 hours-a-week spooning, hugging and snuggling clients that come through a website called Cuddlist, which offers a training program to assist cuddling pros. The job, which Robin has been doing full time for 18 months, is strictly platonic and all clients are fully clothed at all times. Hugs can be standing, lying, or seated, in many different positions.

Robin says, “We have a code of conduct and I specify that they must wear a minimum of a t-shirt or tank top and lounge pants. In the summer gym shorts is ok, as long as they come below the middle of the thighs,” she continued. “Boxer shorts or briefs are not acceptable.”

People who request Robin’s embraces come from all walks of life. “My youngest client was 20 and the oldest was about 75,” she said. “I get all kinds of people male, female, gay, lesbian, transgender.” Robin also said that she has noticed some improvements in her own physical health since becoming a full-time snuggler.

If you could, would you hire a professional cuddler? Would you want to be a professional cuddler? 40k a year or $80 an hour to snuggle up to someone…..tempting.




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