Working At Home – The Good and Bad

The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

So you’ve found yourself working from home.  Many of us have begun spending some or all of our workday in a non-traditional setting.  Depending on your particular job and your own style of working, this cn be a blessing or a curse. In many ways, this will really put a close-up lens on the type of worker we are.

The first thing to do is establish some boundaries.  Find a quiet place and let family or housemates know that they need to think of you as being “at work” when you’re in your work space.  Refuse to be distracted until you’re done.  You’ll enjoy your free time a whole lot more once your work is finished.  It’s not as easy at it seems, especially if the kids are bored and trying to get your attention.  This is why boundaries are so important.

Try offering something fun to the end result. “As soo as I’m finished, we’ll eat supper and then we can watch the new Trolls movie!” or something like that.  Personally, i’m finding the very early morning hours are best for really hunkering down and getting a lot done.  Coffee’s hot, it’s quiet, and I can focus on the tasks at hand.

Another thing to be aware of is how much longer some basic work-related things take when you’re not at The Office.  Instead of having a building full of people to bounce ideas off of, it’s pretty much just you.  And sticking your head in a coworker’s office to ask a quick question now involves an email, and then waiting for a reply.  So it can be challenging.  “Well, I’ll switch gears and work on THIS while I wait for a reoly about THAT.”  It has to be steady work, Don’t stop and check Netflix while you’re waiting for your coworker to reply.  You’ll never make it back

Discipline is a key factor in good working-at-home habits.  Stay focused, keep your work area as much like your actual office as you can, and reach out to coworkers from time to time for a quick Reality Check.  After all, you’re working toward a common goal. You’re all in this together.  WE are all in tis together!

Good luck, and stay healthy!


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