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You Can Eat Some Foods Past The Expiration

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Come on, admit it…how many times have you eaten a food past it’s end date?  According to The Sun, It may be alright to do that, more often than you think.  According to The Sun, chances are if milk passes the sniff test it’s probably alright. Most of the time milk is usually alright up to a week past the end date.  I got into a fight with a friend one time over eating expired yogurt. If it’s unopened, and smells alright with no mold on the lid, I’ll eat it.  But, it can’t be expired for longer than a week either.

Did you know you can probably also eat eggs past the end date?  There’s even a way to test them.  Just put them in water and if they float…TOSS Them!  Again, I’ve eaten them past the end date…but these days I let the dog have them.  He seems just fine with it.

The Sun also goes on to say Pasta is usually fine to eat up to 2 years past the expiration date.  Also dry goods like sugar, flour, salt, pepper etc. can be used past the end date.   On a personal note, I would make sure they’ve been stored in an air tight container to insure no bugs have invaded  beaten you to the punch.  I’d also give them a close inspection too.

Experts continue to say that some canned foods can be used for up to 2 years past the expiration especially vegetables and soups.  I doubt I would though, but that’s up to you.  I’m sure you’ll know immediately if the food has gone bad.

And Finally Cheese.  If it’s a hard cheese it lasts a long time. If it molds, just cut the mold off and you’re good to go.  However soft cheeses are another story.  Those spoil much easier, so watch the expiration date.











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