It’s September, and if you’re planning to make a big purchase this month, you should check THIS out first.  Here’s a list of four things that always go on sale in September . . .


1.  TVs.  They start going on sale in September as stores start making room for newer models.  But if you can hold off for a few more months, the BEST discounts for TVs are usually in November.

2.  Smart phones.  Apple and Samsung typically announce their latest models in September . . . so if you’re cool with buying a phone that isn’t going to be BRAND NEW anymore, you should be able to score a smart phone for cheap by the end of the month.

3.  New cars.  Just like with TVs and smart phones, new car models start hitting dealerships in September, so you’ll have the upper hand when negotiating financing and other deals this month.

4.  Vacations.  Kids are back at school and summer is over, so you should be able to score some shoulder season discounts if you take a trip between now and October.


Hopefully you’ll catch some great deals in and around Amarillo.  I’m always up for a good deal, how about you?

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