Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner you’re still short on ideas! Well look no further. Us here at the Eagle are happy to help you out.

I, Skylerr Byrd, came up with 5 gift ideas for the book lover in your life:

  1. Here’s a local idea for you. Get a gift card from Burrowing Owl! Nothing says “I love you” like letting your reader pick out their own books. Burrowing Owl also has book themed merch such as tote bags, mugs, pens, and so much more. It’s a great way to support local businesses.
  2. A personalized library embosser. This has gotten really popular over the past year (it’s even on my Santa List). An embosser is a tool used to imprint raised designs on books. You get it it made with the person’s initials and a cute little design. It’s a stylish way to identify a book(s) as your. Plus, what bookworm doesn’t want to feel like they own their own personal library? I’ve found many of these on etsy and amazon.
  3. A booklight. My husband got me one last year and we both use it daily. This especially useful if you share a bed, or room, with someone else. The specific  one I have is the Dewenwills USB Rechargeable Book Light from Amazon. No need to switch out batteries, easily fits onto your book, and you can adjust the lighting.
  4. A book nook kit. A book nook is a miniature scene (mainly from books you love) that fits on your book shelf. I’ve scene scenes from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and even Little Women. It’s pretty cool and I think it brings more magic to your shelves. I have also found many of these on Etsy and Amazon.
  5. I’m just going to say it…whatever book is on their reading list is a great choice! Simply ask them what is on their book wish list and you can easily find something to gift them. Go to Burrowing Owl or Barnes and Noble to see if they have any of the books. Or, if you want a cheaper online version, you can check out Thriftbooks and Bookshop. Thriftbooks sells used books for pretty cheap. Bookshop is a website that pulls together books from various locally owned bookstores. Both are great places to check out.

The ideas don’t stop there. Morgan Tanner came up with 5 ideas for those pet lovers in the world.

  1. Lowe’s will surprise you with great things for Pets at Christmas. Right now at your neighborhood Lowe’s they have Serta Waterproof Pet Blanket that’s amazingly soft and furry, and washes like a dream!  Use it on your couch or in your car.  Anywhere you need an extra cover for your favorite 4 footed buddy.
  2. If you love to spend time outside with your pet in the Spring and Summer, here is one of my favorites, and Brody’s Too!  I got him a “sling bed,”  is what I call it.  It’s an elevated mesh bed that lets air get under it.  It’s cooling, firm, yet eliminates pressure points…and he LOVES it!   You can find them everywhere!  From Chewy to Amazon.  They even make them in foldable models for travel.
  3. A ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness on Amazon.  You can buy them with matching leash if you want.  I suggest passing, unless maybe your dog is rather large.  They are on the big side.  I bought one, and don’t like it because it’s just too big.  The harness though is AWESOME!  I got a bright fluorescent yellow one for Brody. It’s tough and heavy duty so your pet and you both feel secure with it.  AND It’s mega easy to get on, and off. And if you need it, there’s a front hook on the harness that you can attach his leash to, and it prevents your pet from pulling.
  4. The company Called Fruitables make great dog biscuits!  They’re pretty good about cycling flavors to make them seasonal.  Brody’s Favorite is the Pumpkin, Cranberry.  As a matter of fact I brought some of those to the station for the little dogs that come in on Wednesday for Wet Nose Wednesday, and they all just gobble them up!  I usually have to find the Pumpkin Cranberry at Chewy, PetSmart also carries fruitables. Just find your pets favorite flavor and I bet he/she loves them.
  5. ANY learning dog toy.  Something that stimulates and challenges your friend. I bought Brody one of these years ago and we don’t use it nearly enough.  However; when I pull it out he goes nuts for it.  I load some tiny treats in it…and he paws the toy and paws it to get the slots open for the treat.  Is he great at it?  Naw not really.  LOL  He knows mom will help.  But we both have great fun and it’s challenging for your dog.   His is similar to this.

You know what’s perfect for all you listeners?! Music inspired gifts. Johnny Black came up with 5 gifts he’d give to everyone on his list, if he could.  He believes down deep in his heart that folks should own these albums on vinyl format.  It just sounds better!  You know it’s true.

  1. Exile on Main Street” – The Rolling Stones. A dark, moody record made during a dark moody time in Rolling Stones history.  There’s a little bit of everything on this one – blues, country, rock, reggae, jazz – all on this double album!  And there’s tons of history here.  Books have been written, documentaries have been made, all about this one incredible record!
  2. Abbey Road” – The Beatles. Pretty much their final album, and listening to it feels like a long kiss goodbye! Superb production by longtime producer Sir George Martin, and life-altering songwriting from John, Paul and George when they were at the very top of their games.  A must-have for any music collector!  And you really should own it on vinyl.
  3. Rumours” – Fleetwood Mac. Really?  You don’t own this one?  Come ON!  What are you waiting for?  Either run out and buy this as soon as you can, or get the newly-released “Rumours Live,” which was released this past October and contains the songs from Rumours, recorded live at the end of their 1975 tour, plus additional favorites from the “Fleetwood Mac” album.
  4.  “III” – Led Zeppelin. I bought this on vinyl this past year, and I’ll never listen to it on any other format!  It’s got just a few well-placed crackles and pops, and that wonderful vinyl qulity – deep and thick and rich.  From “Immigrant Song” to “Tangerine,” hearing this on vinyl is like getting a brand new Zeppelin album!
  5. Eagles Live” – The Eagles. Much of this album was recorded at the same venue as Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours Live” (above).  Recorded “live” at The Forum, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, and the Long Beach Arena.  This record has been called “the most overdubbed live album in history” due to the fact that The Eagles had broken up, and only released this double album to fulfill a contract.  Glenn Frey wasn’t speaking to Don Henley, and certain band members wouldn’t record their parts while others were in the area and blah blah blah.  It was a mess!  But it’s a great sort-of-live album.  You should own it. On vinyl.

Honorable Mention:

Blood Sugar Sex Magik” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
An amazing reflection of the early 1990s, all committed to this double album!  It was produced by Rick Rubin, and the songs flow from one to the next, almost as if they were written that way!  This was a great “sounds-better-on-vinyl” record.

Sticky Fingers” – The Rolling Stones
Sounds better on vinyl, and you KNOW you want that cool album cover in your collection!  Someone will inevitably ask “so what’s with the zipper?” and you can smile, crank up “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin'” and blow their minds.  Just get it.

Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!  You’ll feel so great about giving the gift of music…it’s like giving someone a little bit of love!

Last, but not least, Tom Young came up with 5 gifts for the gamer in your life.
  1. Xbox Fan – 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – for around $35, hundreds of games at their disposal, covering every genre!  It’s the ‘best deal in gaming’, and every XBox owner should have it.  Can be found at most stores with an electronics department or online.
  2. Playstation Fan – Spiderman 2 Game.  This $70 game is one of the hottest games of the year, and it’s exclusive to Playstation, so it’s a must for any owner!  Just make sure they don’t have it yet!  If not, you can find just about anywhere where games are sold and online
  3. Nintento Switch Fan – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass – For around $60, Not only will this give the gamer in your life access to play their favorite games online, but it also unlocks an awesome library of some older NES, Gameboy and now Nintendo 64 games!  So much to play, all with one purchase!  You can find wherever games are sold and online.
  4. Retro Gaming Fan – If that older fan misses the ‘good ole days’ of gaming, Atari has made it easier than ever to get back into it with the Atari 2600+ console ($129.99)!  Playing most of the 2600 and 7800 carts, the 2600+ works with modern televisions, bringing classics like Adventure, Missile Command, and Yars Revenge into the 21st century!  Best place I know to purchase is online at
  5. All Gamers – Need to upgrade that TV?  Why not a Roku TV?  Price depends on size, but the nice thing about it all of your favorite non gaming apps are already built in!  Need to head over to YouTube to see how to beat that frustrating level?  Or want to watch one of those game related shows on a streaming service, it’s easy with a Roku TV.  Can find wherever TVs are sold. 

We here at the Eagle hope this was helpful for your Christmas shopping list! What are you still doing here? Go check out some of these gifts!


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