Don’t Forget The Ice Cream! – 5 Ways To Be Good To Yourself These Days!

The best way to feel good is to BE good.  And who knows what you like more than you?

Let’s face it.  This self-distancing and staying at home business is no fun at all!  No working out at the gym, no eating out at restaurants, no movies, no concerts.  Our lives feel like an old Adam Ant song!  What DO ya do?

Well, we have to take it upon ourselves to do the little things that make life enjoyable!  All those things that you stop doing when you make those New Year’s Resolutions, maybe it’s time to enjoy some of those vices once again.  At least until life begins to return to normal.

1.  Order the pie or ice cream.  I ordered my dinner from Braum’s today. So I added a Strawberry Shortcake Sunday! I almost never do that. Gotta watch the waistline! But I did today!  Because I needed to be nice to myself.

2.  Since your gym is closed, try taking brisk walks around your neighborhood.  Wear comfy shoes and walk until your heart rate is up.  Then continue for as long as you can stand it.  You even meet some neighbors you didn’t know.

3. Open an account on a new Social Media app.  There are people out in the world who are all going through the same thing we are.  And they’d love to talk to you!  Give it a try.

4. Listen to music!  Dig out those old records, pop on a favorite CD and listen to the RADIO!  Don’t sit home and watch continuing coverage.  It’ll stress you out and fry your brain.  Music hath charms!  And it’s a great way to escape the current craziness.

5. Stay healthy.  Get extra rest, eat good food, relax (see above) and take good care of your mind,  body and spirit.  It might even bolster your immune system!

Remember, this will pass.  Life will return to normal at some point.  And, since people are turning their focus inward, it’s up to us to treat ourselves to the good things life has to offer.

Keep love in your heart and stay healthy!



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