Man Who Spent $13K To Become A Dog Urges Others To Join Him!

Man Who Spent $13K To Become A Dog Urges Others To Join Him!

A man who spent more than $13,000 to be transformed into a collie says a dog’s life isn’t so bad – and he’s encouraging others to make the change as well. The man, who goes by Toco, spent the money on a custom-made costume, which he wears outside several times a month, he says. While he’s technically still human, he says donning the dog suit makes him feel just like a four-legged companion.

“Since I was a child I wanted a change,” Toco says. “When I am dressed in the suit I feel happy because my dreams come true.” While Toco admits he’s received some negative feedback from people who have seen him frolicking in his yard, he says others have expressed interest in becoming dogs, too. “I received all kinds of messages, among the positive messages,” Toco says. “Some tell me that they want to do what I’ve done. This has allowed me to see that there are other people like me.”

Would it be illegal for an employer to discriminate against Toco?

If so, would the same be true for actual dogs?


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