NASA’s Rover Lands On Mars!

NASA’s Big Day: After 6 Months Of Travel, Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars!

It’s about the size of the Volkswagen Tiguan I’ve been driving courtesy of Street Volkswagen.  The most elaborate Rover ever sent to Mars has landed land on the red planet today! The Rover named “Perseverance” set down on the edge of an ancient river delta.  Next, it’s time to get the mission underway!  NASA says it’s by no means going to be easy because the area is filled with cliffs, pits, sand dunes, and fields of rocks that could doom the $3 billion mission. Perseverance was launched from Earth on July 30, 2020, and the purpose is to search for signs of life thousands of years old.  The rover will search for past life on Mars as soon as communications are established and navigation can begin.  Perseverance will also collect soil and rock samples. I’m such a giant space nerd!  I love NASA and all things astronomical.

What do you think about this mission? Do you believe there is/was life on other planets?

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