Stealing Keith’s Motorcycles – The LEAST Rock ‘n’ Roll Thing Ever!

This has got to be the most UN-rock ‘n’ roll thing any idiot has ever done!  In an act of sheer stupidity, some thief (or thieves) broke into Keith Richards UK Estate. They then cracked into the storage garage and made off with Keith’s collection of vintage European off-rad motorbikes.

Keith is almost always carrying.  Which is probably why these jerks waited until he was a few thousand miles away.

There has been no official word from music’s official #1 Bad Guy. Chichester Police did indicate, however, that the bikes had been burgled from a shed on the property at Keef’s “Redlands” estate.

The shed was relieved of a white KTM 495 and red MAICO 490 (both from 1981), a 1977 red and silver MAICO 400, 2013 Beta 300 EVO trials bike, 2011 Husaberg FE390 and a GasGas 300 Enduro. The bikes were allegedly removed from the renowned guitar slinger’s garage at his Redlands Estate in West Wittering (UK). The dirty deed happened between nightfall on Monday, February 25 and daybreak on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Evidently, the Infamous Rock Star and shredder/singer/songwriter of the Rolling Stones was probably here in the United States, in his Connecticut home at the time.

The loss of such a unique collection of motorcycles must be upsetting. As we all know, motorcycles are carefully selected soulmates that bring untold joy. It doesn’t matter that they may be just languishing in storage. Replacing a motorcycle is not just a question of money, especially when one is dealing with such a well-curated collection.

And – as you can see from the clip (below) – Keith can get upset when people try to take things that belong to him!

And whoever these creeps are, they’re gonna have a VERY difficult time trying to unload these stolen bikes. How totally NOT rock ‘n’ roll…taking motorcycles that belong to Keith Richards!

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