Favorite Junk Foods by State

“Junk food” is a big part of American life. The category includes a wide range of foods, drinks, and treats. Most people have a favorite junk food they keep at home or avoid.  Based on Google Trends, a list of popular junk foods per each state was compiled and shows the variety and trends that change quickly depending on location in America.  Sour Patch Kids is the top junk food snack in seven states, making it a high performer. Animal Crackers and Kit Kat bars are popular in five states. Reese’s front offices may be upset as they’re only the favorite junk food in Ohio. Oreo only won in Iowa. Other interesting findings were from Connecticut, which loves granola bars, and Pennsylvania, whose favorite junk food is Swedish Fish.  In Texas, the big winner was Funyuns.

What is Your favorite Junk Food?


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