Follow These Turkey Guidelines For a Safe And Happy Holiday

According To Food Safety Experts For those fixing a turkey for the first time this holiday season, here are some mistakes you want to avoid. Not Washing Your Hands: Health and safety manager at Tulane University, Ray Campbell, says you should “Wash your hands at least 20 to 30 seconds each time you handle the turkey and it’s in a raw state.”

Thawing Your Turkey Anywhere But The Fridge: “Bacteria, germs, and other harmful pathogens grow at an alarming rate when the turkey is thawed at room temperature.”

Cooking Frozen Turkey: Some of your turkey will be overcooked, while others will be undercooked. Be sure to thaw all the way.

Allowing Your Thawing Turkey Juices To Drip Into Your Fridge: Place the turkey on a tray to catch any liquid and avoid cross-contamination.

Washing Your Turkey: Don’t do it. Washing your bird has more health risks than if you were not to wash it.

Stuffing The Turkey: While older generations swear by stuffing the turkey, Campbell says,​​“When you put a very spongy bread stuffing inside the bird, as it cooks, the water evaporates, and you get evaporative cooling, but the stuffing inside of the bird where a lot of the pathogens hideout will remain slightly cooler than the environment around it.”

What is the biggest mistake you made while cooking a turkey?