Man It’s Hot, How To Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Man it’s hot!  Remember, If you think it’s hot…it’s also hot for your pets! Here are some simple ways to help keep your pets safe during the sweltering days of Summer.

Ways To Protect Your Pet During Summer Heat

Limit your pets outdoor exercise to a cooler part of the day.  Never leave your pet alone in the car!  Vehicle temperatures can soar to well over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.  If your pet stays outside, always provide them with plenty of shade, and fresh cool water.  A cooling pool is also beneficial.    If your taking your pet outside, do a quick temperature check on the sidewalk or street.  Put the back of your hand down to the surface.   If it’s too hot to touch for 5 seconds, It will burn your pets paws.  Have booties on hand for them to use…or pick them up and carry them to their destination.  Some dogs are more vulnerable to heat including overweight pets, younger or elderly pets and animals with thick or dark fur.  Certain breeds are also more susceptible to heat.  Any dog with a shorter muzzle can overheat easily.  A few of those breeds include Pugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus,  Boston Terriers and Chows.   Please be aware if your dogs breed may cause them to overheat easily, and use special care during hot weather.

Watch for Dehydration and Heat Stroke

Watch for signs of dehydration. Gently pinch their skin on their shoulder, then pull it away from their body.  If it slides back right away…they are well hydrated.  If not…and the skin stays tented, they are dehydrated and need to immediately be taken to the Vet. Know the signs of heat stroke.  Symptoms include, excessive panting, lethargy, stumbling, dark or bright red tongue or gums.  Also Bloody diarrhea, or vomiting and seizures may mean your pet is suffering from heat stroke, so seek the Help of your Vet Immediately.

Help Your Pet if You Suspect Dehydration or Heat Stroke

If your pet has overheated, provide temporary relief to help stabilize them.   Apply cool…not icy cold water to their skin either in a bath…with a hose…or sponge until medical assistance can be reached. Offer your dog cool water…in small servings.  Too much water could make them vomit and add to the problem. Take them to the Vet immediately for help if you suspect overheating.

These tips are a service of American Humane and and your friends At 100.9 The Eagle.  Have a Safe and Happy Summer!!



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