The Man On The ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ Cover Has Been Identified

I’ve always looked  at classic rock albums, and seen their covers as pieces of artwork.  Well, One of rock’s greatest mysteries has finally been solved. Who’s the old man on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV?  You know the one we’re talking about?  It’s the iconic image of an older looking  man, man carrying a bundle of branches on his back.  The original photo itself, was a black and white shot, that Zeppelin front man Robert Plant purchased in an antique store.

In 2021, a university researcher and Zepplin fan Brian Edwards traced the photo to the rural county of Wiltshire.  Wiltshire is best known as the home of Stonehenge. Now, after further study, Edwards has identified the man as Lot Long, or possibly Lot Longyear, a thatcher from the town of Mere.  Mystery finally solved!

What are some of your favorite album covers?