The Renovation Station, The Eagle Control Room, Use Your Imagination

When we moved to the KGNC building about 8 years ago, I honestly don’t think any of us thought we’d be in this location as long as we were.  We all knew that at some point in time, we’d be moving in with our “Country, Talk,  and Hip Hop Cousins.”  We just didn’t know where.  Would we stay here in the “KGNC,” Building as it’s known?  Or would we find new digs somewhere else in town.  After long contemplation, and sweating over floor plans, everyone decided on a renovation.  

We’ve all moved at one time or another. And, we all know moving isn’t a lot of fun.  Now, imagine moving a radio station with consoles, and wires, and computers, and wires, and microphones, and wires and….well you get the idea.   Thank goodness we’ve got an excellent engineer named Charlie, that’s taking care of all that!  He’s a miracle worker, and will have us playing all of your favorite music in our new control room before you know it.  Best of all, we’ll never miss a beat!  See. Miracle worker!  

So, while we get ready to say goodbye to our current Eagle control room

Just know really cool things are on the way!!   Even though right now, it takes a little imagination.  😉  


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