One of the most puzzling things that has happened during the remodel has been the discover of  a message found scrawled on a piece of sheet rock.   Several folks told me this story.  I just wish I had seen it myself and grabbed a picture.

When the construction crew was tearing down some walls several weeks back they ran across a “message,” written on the sheet rock.  The sentiment was simple and haunting.  “I’m sorry Julie.”  Obviously we all have found ourselves wondering who Julie was, and what was her relationship to the author?  Was she a friend,  sister, a girlfriend, or a wife?  Then you have to ask yourself what the anonymous author had done to her, and why they hid their words of sorrow and confession?

Who’s Julie?  I wonder if she’s still around.  Or has she long since moved on to a new life, with a new family of her own?  Perhaps, she’s slipped these earthly bonds and is resting on a serene and higher plane of existence.  Who’s Julie?  We may never know.  But, at least we know she was.  All thanks to our remodeling adventures.

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